As the founder and president of, Keith Mohr has worked with well over 2500 independent Christian artists, assisting them with marketing, promotions, distribution and lots of advice since 1997. But Mohr’s journey toward this internet endeavor began many years before.

Keith has known since 1987 that He was on a mission from God. Called out of the rock and roll scene near Washington, DC in a divine appointment with 2 prophetic individuals whom he had never met, Keith knew that one day he would lead a revolution within the Christian Music industry. It took until 1992 for Keith to get a taste of the industry, when he joined a popular CCM group, “Harvest.” Based in Lindale, TX, Keith toured with the group for two years and acted as road manager and keyboardist. In the office, Keith worked as a radio promoter, booking agent and public relations. When plans of developing a recording studio and discipleship training program did not come to pass, Keith knew it was time to move on.

After leaving the group in 1993, Keith found himself looking to resume the calling on his life. Keith moved to Virginia where he worked in a small music store and developed a recording studio. This fueled Keith’s desire even more to enable Christian musicians in their missions. After a one year stint, Keith moved to a larger music store in Harrisburg, PA. He developed another recording studio business based out of the store owner’s home and began recording full time within months. In 1998, Keith recorded live over 20 popular CCM groups including DC Talk, Newsboys, Rich Mullins, Out of the Grey, Geoff Moore and the Distance, The Kry, and others at the world’s largest Music festival, called Creation Fest. His mixes were used in a PBS documentary called, “Message in the Music.” Soon after, an opportunity opened up for Keith to lease a 9000 Sq. Ft. Studio 60 miles north of Harrisburg, PA. During the years Mohr was at the studio in Central PA., Keith recorded over 50 custom independent projects with artists as far away as Alaska. It was at that time that Keith looked to the internet to promote and market his artists.

Starting with just four artists Mohr produced in his studio, Keith launched Broken as a way to reach directly to fans and consumers with new, fresh artists. It didn’t take long for Mohr to build the roster to over 800 artists! From 1997 until 2000, Keith served many indie artists, adding each new artist to the Broken Records website one by one, and adding all of the music files and content for the artists. The Broken Records website was free of charge for members, but in 2000, Keith sensed the Lord leading him to ask for a small monthly membership fee to help cover the costs of maintaining the growing organization. After announcing the membership support fee, over 600 artists left the Broken Records website. Mohr was left with 200 artists who believed in the mission and provided the nucleus of the next phase in his mission.

In 2002, Keith developed a new website that allowed artists to add and manage their own content. Mohr also changed the name of his website to Indieheaven, which better reflected the mission and vision of the organization. At that time, Indieheaven was one of the first music sites on the internet to require member support, which was a different model than other music sites. Keith believed the only way a website would survive was not via investor capitol and subsequent return revenue through advertising, but by support of its members. After most early “music dot coms” became “dot gone” through numerous financial failures, the Indieheaven website continued to grow strong to this day, at almost 500 members strong.

Indieheaven’s members understand the value of being interdependent, enabling one another as they enable the organization to oversee the activity. Artists are coming together and realizing that camaraderie, not competition is paramount to success as an independent artist. Some artists on Keith’s site have gone onto being successful signed artists with major labels, and others have seen success as independents. To Mohr, it’s all good and all valid.

In August of 2003, a three album deal consisting of scripture memory verse/aerobics products for a major publisher brought Mohr to the Christian music capitol of the world, Nashville, TN. It didn’t take Keith long to make his way around town and cultivate strategic alliances with those he knew would be instrumental in the success of his mission.

Keith also produced a tour in June 2005 called, Will Play for Change which connected artists from around the USA in a concert/outreach event to teach artists how to produce multi-artist events. Over 5000 miles were logged on the tour, which was a major success.

In March 2010, Keith partnered with former VP of publishing for WORD, Cindy Wilt Colville for the “InspireSong Retreat,” held near Nashville, TN. The event was sold out, and attendee feedback was very positive! For more info, visit, Inspiresong.

Mohr held his 7th Christian independent artist conference, called “Indie University” April 14-17, 2010 in Nashville, TN where many indie artists converged to learn how to succeed as an independent. Indie University is now a course for Christian independent artists. For more info, visit, Indie University.

In May, 2010, Mohr brought back his Broken Records brand, to help select independent artists in their music mission that he discovers on his Indieheaven website. For more info, visit, Broken Records.

In 2009, Keith created a songwriter open-mic contest held at various venues around Nashville, TN that provides exposure and feedback opportunities. Learn more at: Nashville Rising Star.

Keith has a music production service, Water to Wine Music, where he helps songwriters develop and produce their songs. Learn more at: Learn more at: Water To Wine Music.

Keith is also a sought after conference speaker/teacher. Keith has spoken at many music and arts conferences around the USA including Christian Musician Summit, Karitos Conference, Mount Hermon Songwriter Retreat and Going Digital For His Kingdom.

Keith is also a published columnist, penning the “Industry Insider” column for CCM Magazine and “The Indie Mechanics” for Christian Musician Magazine with his wife, Susan Ross-Mohr of The Inner Vizion each issue.