Music is like Golf

Sooo.. I went to the driving range to hit some golfballs the other day. It was my first time out this year to the driving range, and I haven’t played a round of golf in 2 years.

I tee’d up the ball and BAM, I smacked a drive straight and about 300 yards. I have to admit, it felt good, and for a minute I thought, “man, I should really get serious about golf, and try to turn pro.” But who was I kidding (other than myself:).. I mean, I don’t golf hardly at all. Maybe 1 time per year I’ll make it to the course, and then its a public course (which is not nearly the same thing as a professional course). Plus, I never practice. I’m not serious about the game of golf. I’m what I call a “dabbler.” I am deceiving myself thinking I have what it takes to be a professional golfer.

However, that does not mean I should not go out and enjoy hitting balls, and playing the occasional round of golf. I just need to keep my expectations in line with my commitment, dedication, and investment.

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