Are You DIY?

 Indie University is a course to help keep you from DYI (Doing Yourself In)

the-lone-ranger-johnny-depp640Let’s face facts.. +99% of all independent artists will remain independent. What I have learned over the past 20 years working with thousands of Christian indie artists is seeing them make same mistakes over and over again, because they simply do not know how to be effective in their music mission. I will teach you how to work smarter, not harder!

 Doing It Yourself  (DIY) incorrectly can literally (DYI) Do Yourself In.

Indie University is a series of informative audio teachings from Keith Mohr, President of Keith is also a clinician at the Christian Musician Summits in Buffalo, NY and Seattle, WA., and pens the The Indie Mechanics articles for Christian Musician Magazine and the “Industry Insider” column for CCM Magazine.


Session 1

[Who] Who are you and what value do you bring to the church and the world. Plus other who questions are answered.

Session 2

[What] What do you feel God has called you to do, and how do you know. Plus other what questions are answered.

Session 3

[When] When is the right time to go from the basement to the stage? Plus other when questions are answered.

Session 4

[Where] Where can you share your music? Plus other where questions are answered.

Session 5

[Why] Why do you want to be a Christian artist? Plus other why questions are answered.

Session 6

[How] How do you earn income from your music? Plus other how questions are answered.

Sessions will be recorded for on demand playback at your convenience. We will provide a download link to each session for you to obtain the audio file. Each session comes with an included report about the subject matter discussed, There is also Unlimited Access to a private Indie University group on Facebook for you to ask questions and network with other students.

The complete course and access to the private group is just $99.00!




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